Media Towers for DVDs, CDs, and Video Games

If you love collecting DVDs, CDs or video games, then you already know that storage becomes an issue pretty fast.

Storage for DVDs, CDs & VIdeo GamesFor years, we have simply stacked our collections on shelves.  Finding the exact DVD we were seeking was often a challenge.  Most often, the DVD we desired was 2 layers deep, which required removing dozens of DVD from the shelves before we found the one.  Then, we were required to put them all back on the shelves.  The search and find game was complicated even more every time we purchased a new shelf.  Just that much more room for a single DVD to be lost among the many.  However, with one simple purchase, the lost and found DVD, CD, & video games woes are over!

We purchased a media tower and I love it!


Revolving Media Towers

Storage for DVDs, CDs & VIdeo GamesI opted for the media tower 1000.  I wanted to use one side for CDs, 1 side for video games and 2 sides for DVDs.  There were plenty of shelves included with the unit.  I even had some left over since DVDs are taller than CDs.  Therefore, less shelves were needed for the sides with movies.

I love that the tower will spin.  I can stand in one place and turn the media tower so I can look for a specific movie.  Now that they are all together, I can even put them in alphabetical order.  That is something I couldn’t easily do before.

My son and I put the entire unit together in about 1½ hrs.  It did take me a few hours to round up all the various DVDs, CDs and Video Games and organize them.  But, now I have a fabulous media tower loaded with all of our entertainment media, all in one easy to explore place.


Selecting and Assembling the Media Tower

It did take about 5 weeks after I placed my order to receive our media tower, but it was worth the wait.  I had read other reviews and knew to order only from Venture Horizon.  I’m glad I did the research before I placed my order.  We had absolutely no problem with our media tower and it was delivered right to our front door.  The exterior box was damaged, but the unit inside the box was packaged well enough that it was in perfect condition.

We chose a black media tower, but it is available in several colors & finishes, as well as multiple sizes.  Choose the one that best suits your needs and home decor.

 Venture Horizon Revolving Media Tower 600 CherryCheck Price Venture Horizon Revolving Media Tower 1600 Grande-WhiteCheck Price Venture Horizon Revolving Media Tower 1000 – BlackCheck Price


Media Tower - Storage for CDs, DVDs, & Video Games