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Dorm Dilemmas

Compact MicrowaveLiving in a dorm is a challenge in itself and you wouldn’t want to complicate your life any further by bringing in all kinds of cooking paraphernalia just to achieve that much desired quick meal or hot snack.  I know my own daughter used her dorm room microwave oven to make her coffee each morning.

Compact microwaves are a necessity in any dormer’s life.  There will be late night study sessions that will not give you the luxury to go out of your room and there is no better way to make life easier than by having a microwave right there in the room. 

In today’s fast paced lifestyle, compact microwaves come in handy as a great solution for many food producing problems.  Time is of the essence in any students’ life and with food getting done in a few minutes, a microwave can be a huge time saver.

 Whirlpool Silver Countertop Microwave Oven 0.5 Cu FtCheck Price


 Magic Chef MCD993W 0.9 Cu. Ft. 900W White Countertop Microwave OvenCheck Price

The Best Compact Microwaves for Dorms – Buy The Best Selling Compact Microwaves for Dorms

This cute microwave from Magic Chef will look great in your dorm.  It doesn’t take up much space and will serve you well.  You can do all the usual stuff any microwave does with 3 one-touch cooking menus and 10 power levels so you can defrost and cook to your hearts delight without all that cooking paraphernalia OR all that washing up!  Just don’t forget the vegetables – there are great microwave aids around to make sure you don’t miss out on your 5 a day.


 Panasonic NN-H765BF Genius 1.6 cuft 1250 Watt Sensor Microwave w/Inverter Technology,BlackCheck Price

Top Rated Compact Microwaves for Dorms – Buy one of the Top Rated Compact Microwaves for Dorms

This little lady constantly gets good reviews from customers.  It has a total of 10 power levels and 5 multi-stage cooking options AND a turntable which makes for even heating and cooking.  It even has a keep warm facility!  All in all this counter top microwave would prove very useful in a student dorm, especially in these days when healthy eating and budgeting both encourages students to turn away from take-out food.


 Sunbeam SGS90701B-B 0.7-Cubic Foot Microwave Oven, BlackCheck Price

Popular Compact Microwaves for Dorms – Buy One of the Best Compact Microwaves for Dorms

This Sunbeam microwave is exactly right for your student dorm.  It is compact in size, but packs all the punch you need. It will hold a standard size dinner plate and it measures approximately 13 inches by 17 inches by 10 inches.  With multi-functions, you can use this microwave to create tasty healthy meals in a fraction of the time it would take in a full sized kitchen.  Cook popcorn, heat up soup or bake a potato. Plus, the whole unit is easy to keep clean.


Microwave Cooking

Did you know you can do more than bake potatoes in a microwave?  This microwave cookbook gives you some great ideas, especially for anyone who is cooking for one.

 Cooking Outside the Box: Fast & Fresh Recipes for the MicrowaveCheck Price


 LaCuisine KTMW18 18 Piece Microwave Cookware Set, WhiteCheck Price

You don’t need a lot of cookware when using a microwave, especially with so many pre-packaged microwavable meals in stores today, but having a few microwavable cups, bowls or dishes is a necessity.

There are lots of microwave dishes available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Even the large casserole dish is one that you might consider. These dishes would be used for cooking or heating all sorts of things from soups, desserts, leftovers or even a casserole if desired.

Just remember, the lids are for refrigerator storage and cannot be used in the microwave!




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