Game Tables and Chairs for Children

When decorating a game room for children, or adding a table to any room for kids, it is important to remember to select game tables that are actually built for children.  You will want a short table with short child-size chairs.  I prefer chairs that are sturdy enough for adults, but sized for children.  Adults can always join a tea party on occasion, but the game table and chairs should be selected for the long-term comfort of children.

 Melissa & Doug Wooden Round Table & 2 Chairs – Kids Furniture for PlayroomCheck Price

Table & Chairs for Children

 Melissa & Doug Wooden Round Table & 2 ChairsCheck Price

My children have a child size table with chairs.  As preschoolers,  they spent countless hours sitting at the table and drawing or perhaps making a beautiful craft.  I very much remember my son driving his cars across the table top.  They also ate their lunches at their little tables.  Once they started to school, they still used the table for games, but they also used the table to do their homework.

Their table is similar to the table below.  It is a wooden table with wooden chairs.  It is such a sturdy table that it still sits in our sons room where he uses it more as a desk to hold things.  I still sit in the chairs when I join him to play video games or Rock Band.  The are the perfect size chairs to move around and sit where needed to see the tv screen.

Someday, the kids wooden table and chairs will most likely be used by his children.

One note:  Many of the wooden tables for children only come with two chairs.  You will want to buy more chairs so friends and family can also sit at the table with your child.
My children have the natural table with matching chairs, but I truly love the primary colored chair with this set! Each child could have a chair that is the color of their own choice. The bright colors are sure to appeal to children as well as motivate their creative talents.

 Tot Tutors Kids’ Table and 4-Chair Set, Primary WoodCheck Price eHemco Kids Table and 4 Chairs Set Solid Hard Wood (Natural Shown, but Available in Other Finish Colors)Check Price


The Best Tables and Chairs for Kids

 Lipper International Child’s Round Table and 2-Chair SetCheck Price

Decorate a child’s room with these tables and chairs sets for kids.  Kids bedroom furniture like tables and chairs can add to a child bedroom decorations while being useful too.  Remember, kids will get many hours of fun and play out of any one of these popular tables and chairs designed for children.

Because while will go with just about any other bedroom decor, you might want to consider one of these table and chairs sets for a child’s bedroom.

Since it is for the bedroom, there is often less storage area due to the other bedroom furniture.  You may want to consider a table that comes with shelves and bins underneath for a bit of storage room.  The bins make it easier for a child to lift out the entire bin and set it on, or next to the table instead of moving books or toys one at a time. It really is awesome to have everything together and easily accessible, especially if they are drawing, painting or crafting with play-doh, etc.


 KidKraft Wooden Star Table & Chair Set with 4 Storage Bins, Children’s Furniture – Red, Blue & NaturalCheck Price


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Game Tables for Kids - Designed for children to be comfortable playng games, coloring or even doing their homework.