Spectacular & Unique Ruffle Vases

ruffle vaseA vase should be a beautiful foundation and background for lovely flowers.  I especially love the vases that are beautiful pieces of decor even when they are not serving flowers.  These ruffle vases are spectacular!

Not only do the ruffle vases hold flowers, but they create a striking arrangement since the flowers are not held together in a tight circle.  When it is not holding flowers, the vase itself looks like a piece of dramatic art in your home.  Frankly, it is such a lovely design, you might be tempted to never use it for its intended purpose.

The gift of a unique vase is truly one of my favorites to give and to receive.  My father-in-law gave us a vase many years ago.  Each time I fill it with water and arrange the flowers, I think of him.  Because of that personal experience, I often give a crystal vase as a wedding gift. Recipients rarely forgets who gives them a unique gift that they can use often.

Lenox Organic Ruffle Vase

This vase design originally came in a variety of colors, as well as colorless, and each is equally stunning.  Even though some are colored, they are still clear.  You will be able to see the stems, marbles, etc. in the vase.  The base of the vase is solid and heavy enough to support the weight of the ruffle top.  Because of the properly proportioned weight, it will not easily tip over.

This particular vase is made of non-lead crystal.  It is approximately 12″ tall and will easily hold a large bouquet of flowers.  It will accommodate 2 or 3 dozen long stem roses.  As you can see in the photos, the ruffles are deep “pockets”, not simple waves.

 Lenox Organics Ruffle Crystal Vase, AmethystCheck Price

Make Cut Flowers Last Longer

Everyone loves beautiful cut flowers, but we all hate to see them die quickly. You can make your fresh flower arrangements last longer by cutting the stem bottoms at an angle and adding a simple solution to the water. Simply mix 3 tablespoons of sugar with 2 tablespoons of white vinegar per quart of warm water.

Ruffle Vases