Dorm Room Refrigerators

Dorm Room RefrigeratorsDorm rooms are our students home away from home.  Therefore, all college dorm rooms need a small refrigerator.  So often, students stay awake past on-campus restaurants and store hours.  Not all college dorms have convenient vending machines.  Even when they do have them, a student needs money or a form of payment to buy anything.  It is truly much easier, not to mention less expensive, to have a small refrigerator in their dorm room.  Even parents can bring, or send, bottled water, milk, soft drinks, and food to refill their student’s personal refrigerator.

My own children had a refrigerator with a freezer for frozen foods.  Because they also had a small microwave, they were able to eat in their own rooms when they were hungry and couldn’t go out for food.  That was very reassuring for me.  After all, it is hard to watch our children move away from home.


Small Refrigerator with Freezer for Dorms

 Midea WHD-113FB1
Compact Reversible Double Door
Refrigerator and Freezer
3.1 Cubic Feet, Black
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Be sure to visit the dorm room before the move.  Take a measuring tape and make sure of the size refrigerator that will fit in the room.  Also, consider the placement of the electrical outlets.  That definitely matters!  You might need an extension cord.  If so, you will want that on the move-in day.

In all of the dorm rooms that our children lived in, there was enough room for the taller refrigerator freezer appliance.  They set their small microwaves on the top, which made a very convenient mini kitchen area for their personal convenience and food.

One more excellent note, our son graduated from college years ago. His little fridge still works! He gave it to his grandparents who keep it in their garage to store holiday food and soft drinks year round. That means, no only has it survived 9 moves (2 per year & final relocation), but also over 9 years.

This dorm room refrigerator with freezer is available in black, white and stainless steel.


More Dorm Room Refrigerators

I would most highly recommend the unit above, but sometimes there are limitations to consider.  Some dorm rooms are shared and there is very little extra area.  I have seen several rooms where the students put their beds on risers and put their fridge under the bed.  The smaller refrigerators are perfect for that and more, but they still allow for a personal fridge. 

 1.6-1.7 Cubic Foot Fridge, BlackCheck Price EUHOMY 3.2 Cu.Ft Mini Fridge with Freezer, Single Door CompactCheck Price


Refrigerators for College Dorm Rooms