Collectible Floral Teapots

Collectible Floral TeapotsA Love for Flowers & Teapots

I have always loved flowers and teapots!  The combination of the two, make a perfect gift for me and these floral teapots are simply exquisite.  Several years ago, my husband brought home the most beautiful, delicate floral teapot that he happened to spot in a small gift shop.  He was just certain that I would like the teapot. It is a very colorful pansy floral teapot and he was right, I absolutely love it!

That little floral teapot has it’s own home right on top of my tea chest in my dining room.  I smile every time I see it.

The fact that my floral teapot was a surprise gift from my husband, adds sentimental value, but the delicate blooms and intricate design make the teapot a charming and beautiful decorative piece. Guests always want to touch it. It just seems to draw attention, very much like a real beautiful flower.


My Floral Teapot

Pansy Teapot
 Fine Ceramic Hand Painted Colorful Pansy TeapotCheck Price

Pink/Yellow Pansy Blossoms Teapot with Yellow Spout and Green Handle – Collectible Floral Teapot (Pictured Above)

My ceramic teapot is a little over 6″ tall and 5″ wide.  The flower edges are “ruffled,” reminiscent of the fine china lace edge details of vintage collectibles.  It truly is a lovely decoration.

Now that I have discovered similar beautiful floral teapots, I want to add them all to my teapot collection!

You, too, can have a floral teapot just like mine!

Take a close look at this picture.  As you can see, on my pansy teapot even the pour spout is another pansy blossom!


Collectible Floral Teapots

All of the floral teapots are beautiful!

If you love flowers, I have no doubt you will love this collection of Floral Teapots as much as I do. Not all of them are currently available for purchase online, but I have provided the links for the floral teapots that are available below.

You can “plant” your own little flower garden in your home with this lovely floral teapots collection.

They are small enough, that they are easily to collect and display.  These pretty flowers certainly make a beautiful indoor garden that never requires watering, just a bit of dusting every now and then.

 Pink and White Rose Petal-Shaped Teapot with Green Leaf-Like HandleCheck Price Fine Ceramic Hand Painted Blossom Purple Lilac Color Iris Flower Teapot, 6-1/2Check Price

Handles of the Flower Teapots

By all means, take note of the handle of these flower teapots.

They look like the branches or stems of the flower itself since they are all green.  A wonderful complimentary detail to a flower teapot.

Floral Teapots

Colorful Floral Teapots

All of these flower teapots are vibrantly colored.  Very much like a freshly opened flower before the sun fades the blooms.

They certainly make a lovely and colorful floral arrangement or flower garden.

Should you wish to wash your floral teapot, I highly recommend hand washing. You would never want to damage the delicate collectibles by placing them in the dishwasher.

 Porcelain Hand Crafted White Daisy Flower Teapot 6 3/8Check Price 4.25 Inch Lilac and Green Porcelain Teapot with Raised Orchid DesignCheck Price TEA TIME SERENITY Orchid TeapotCheck Price


Gift Boxed

I couldn’t tell for sure if all of the featured teapots come gift boxed, but it is very easy to see that the Dahlia, the Daisy and the Stargazer Lily are gift boxed.

That is truly wonderful if you are giving the flower teapot as a gift.  Having such a breakable item properly boxed and secured is definitely important.

I have not doubt that you or the gift recipient will cherish the lovely collectible floral teapots just as much as I treasure mine.