College Dorm Room Desk Chairs

Desk ChairSelecting the Best Desk Chair for College Dorm Room

When decorating a dorm room, one of the most important decisions you will make is which desk chair you will purchase.  College students spend endless hours seated in their desk chair studying, reading, researching, writing papers, etc.  It is imperative to have a great dorm room desk chair with proper back support and one that can be adjusted to the proper height for the individual student.

It took several purchases and trials to find the best desk chair suited for my college students.  There are two desk chairs that out perform all other desk chairs.  Both dorm room desk chairs have excellent seat and back support and are adjustable.  After those requirements are met, it just comes down to preferred looks.

I am pleased to say that the desk chairs featured survived several years in the dorm room.  They are both still serving and supporting their respective college graduates today!


Desk Chairs Provided in College Dorms

The desk chairs provided by the colleges have the UUU syndrome:  Utilitarian, Uncomfortable and Ugly!

Because my kids were going to spend a lot of time in them, we replaced them right away.  They will last all four years and beyond.


Best Dorm Desk Chairs

 Serta Executive Office Chair, Microfiber, Light Beige, 43670Check Price
Most Popular Dorm Room Desk Chair
This is the dorm room desk chair our son prefers.

The seat height is adjustable, plus there is a built in reclining mechanism.  The desk chair is on casters for moving easily around the dorm room without standing or lifting.

Even though the fabric on his desk chair is showing some wear after 4 years in the dorm room, there are no rips or tears which speaks well of the durability of the Microfiber fabric.

The fabric on this chair is easy to clean with a damp cloth, however you may wish to apply Scotchgard Fabric and Upholstery Protector since students tend to snack, or even eat their dinner, while working.


 Realspace(R) Pro Quantum 9000 Series Mesh Mid-Back Chair, BlackCheck Price
Highest Rated Desk Chair for Dorm Rooms

This is the style and brand of desk chair that our daughter prefers.  She has an older model that she is still using as her primary office desk chair and it is over 10 years old now.  She spends literally hours sitting in her desk chair, often way into the night.  She requires a great deal of back support from her desk chairs.

This desk chair is more expensive than the desk chair featured above, but our daughter would say it is worth every penny.


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