Fantastic Beds for Boys Bedrooms

bed for boys bedroomGuys like having their rooms decorated with boys toys, boys games, and boys beds.  They might not want to join in on the shopping and selection days, but they definitely appreciate a bedroom that has been decorated just for them.  Little guys are proud to invite their friends over to play when they have a boys bedroom that has been decorated with boys in mind.   One thing I have learned as a parent, I would much rather have my children at home, then to have them off visiting elsewhere.  Providing a room they are proud of, goes a long way in encouraging kids to stay home and invite friends over to visit.

It is actually easy to purchase a basic bed and decorate by using specialty or themed bedding.  That really is often all that is required to create the perfect boy space.  However, I have found that shelves, storage and hideaways are almost as important in their bedroom as a boys bed itself.

These beds have been specifically selected with boys in mind, but you may find they are wonderful choices for girls too.

bedroom for boys

Boys Bed with Shelves & Drawers

 South Shore Willow Twin Mates Bookcase Bed CollectionCheck Price

This fabulous bed includes the headboard with bookshelves and the bed frame with drawers on one side for storage.

This would be a great bed for a small bedroom, or for a room that is shared with siblings.  It would allow each child to have their own drawers and individual bookshelves for their personal treasures.

The bed is made of non-toxic laminated particle panels and finished in a warm cherry finish.

Because the bed is a solid dark wood color, you could paint the room and decorate with any theme without conflicting bed designs or colors.


Dark Wood Color Trundle Bed for Boys

If you prefer the dark wood color, but need a bed that will accommodate two boys, a trundle bed may well suit your needs. Since the trundle bed pushes under the main twin bed, it also allows for more play area in the center of the room during the day. This particular trundle offers 3 storage drawers instead of a pop-up trundle bed. The two beds will stay at separate levels.

 Broyhill Kids Marco Island Captain’s Bed with Trundle Bed and Drawers, EspressoCheck Price



Fun Beds for Boys

 G.I. Twin Loft Bed for Boys – Durable Metal Frame in Glossy Black Finish with Guard Rails and Ladder – Army Camouflage Tent Mesh Covering with Window Flaps for Fun and Games – Extra Space Below BedCheck Price

The Twin Loft Bed Fort

Boys always love tents and forts!  Actually, all kids love forts.

When we were growing up, we made forts with chairs and blankets.  It wasn’t a very pleasant experience when one of the chairs fell over either.  That is why I know any child would enjoy having this bed fort in his bedroom.  It would certainly be a more solid construction than chairs and blankets, but still provide the fun enclosure of a playhouse fort.

The very best part, this fort has a bed!

No need to disassemble the fort when it is time to eat because you need the chairs at the dinner table.  No need to take time to fold and put blankets away before they can go to bed.  All they would need to do is climb right up into the bed and go sound asleep.  The fort, and all of the fun games will be waiting for him when he awakes.


Boys’ Fire Department Twin Loft Bed with Slide

Perhaps your little man would rather have a fire station. No problem! There is a station house made just for him.
Firestation Twin Loft Bed
Boys’ Fire Department Twin Loft Bed with Slide, RedCheck Price

 Pirate Bed Brown High Quality Finish Adult Size Bed 3FT Single From The UK (Brown)Check Price

Pirate Bed for Boys

There are lots of toddler beds in fun and cool shapes, but there are few for older boys. This pirate bed is an adult size bed for the little boy who has outgrown the toddler shaped beds, but has not outgrown his love for fun beds.

This beds is made of a scratch resistant thermoplastic. It is molded in the shape of a boat and features a pirate flag at the head of the bed instead of a headboard.

At the foot of the bed, what looks like a boat seat, is actually a desk for your child to write, color or study. Having this private “desk” will help to encourage a child to do his homework by providing a fun table setting.



Fantastic Beds for Boys Bedrooms Collection

Beds for Boys Bedrooms

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