Unicorn Figurines

Collectible Unicorn FigurinesUnicorns are such mystical magical characters it is no wonder they are favorites among collectors.  A unicorn captures all of us with it’s beauty, innocence, purity and graceful charm.  It symbolizes a spirit that cannot be captured, owned or dominated, but can freely give itself over to one that it loves.

This page showcases some lovely unicorn figurines.  There is a range of styles and prices, so there is bound to be one to suit every taste and every budget.

If you know someone who collects unicorns, collect fantasy figurines yourself, or are looking for the ideal collectors item to get started on a collection, this is the place for you.


Unicorn Collectibles – Fantasy Figurines

This super bronze unicorn stands over twelve inches high and is made with cold cast bronze.

The really unique feature about this particular piece is that this gorgeous unicorn’s tail helps form the base for it to stand on, which is something you might not notice at first glance, but is truly an awesome detail to the piece.

Excellent gift for anyone who loves unicorns.

 12.25 Inch Rearing Unicorn on 2 Feet Bronze Color Statue / FigurineCheck Price



A Unicorn Figurine

We often think of unicorns as gliding gracefully through a field of flowers.   In a garden that is peaceful, tranquil and filled with happiness.  This figurine captures that ideal perfectly.  It even has a few blue birds flying along as companions to this majestic beauty.

 Westland Giftware Horse of A Different Color Resin Figurine, Unicorn StallionCheck Price


A Beautiful Unicorn Figurine for Christmas

This limited edition beauty is truly a sight to behold!  She would make a lovely gift for a collector or a gorgeous holiday decoration.

She is accented with 24k gold.  Everyone knows a unicorn is a majestic animal and the white bisque porcelain is the perfect representation of her purity.  The Christmas decorations add stunning color to the figurine.

She would truly be a treasure for any unicorn collection.

 Lenox 2008 Christmas Unicorn Yuletide Melody Figurine Horse Jumper Limited EditionCheck Price


The Glass Menagerie

Personally, I have an affinity for the glass collectibles.  I have never quite understood my own attraction to the glass collectibles since they are so easily broken, but I simply cannot resist a beautiful glass figurine.  But, I am not alone.  Glass figurines are highly collectible, just like unicorns.  The combination of the two is simply irresistible to those of use who love unicorns and glass figurines.

 Hand Blown Glass Unicorn Prancing Crystal FigurineCheck Price


Gorgeous Glass Unicorns – Mythical Figurines

The Fairy and Unicorn
Fairies and Unicorns just seem to belong together since they are both members of the magical, mythological world.

This is such a beautiful handcrafted piece.

The delicate design makes me hold my breath.  I guess that is the true meaning of breathtaking beauty.

 Glass Baron Unicorn With FairyCheck Price



The Glass Rocking Horse Unicorn

 Prochaska Gallery Hand Blown Glass Rocking Unicorn FigurineCheck PriceThe rocking horse in and of itself symbolizes something to many of us.  For me, it reminds me of childhood.  The short span of time in our lives when we are protected from the world and allowed to enjoy the semblance of being safe and secure.

I also love the rainbow of colors in this particular glass figurine.

The borosilicate crystal and 24k gold add to the value of the pieces, but the beauty makes them truly desirable to the collector.

This unicorn rocking horse is only one in a series of gorgeous crystal pieces.  There are several others including a rearing unicorn and one that is standing on all four hooves.

I have no doubt a collector would want them all!


Unicorn Figurine Collectibles

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