Fireplace Electric Space Heaters

electric heaterAs the temperature continues to drop each night, I am reminded, once again, of how much I love my Electric Stove Space Heater.  It is the perfect way to warm the area of my home close to the back door, without having to turn the central heat on throughout the entire house.  It is also a pretty electric space heater that resembles a fireplace and adds a bit of charm to the area as well.

In the past, no matter how much I loved the warmth a typical space heater generates, I always hated the standard unattractive looks of space heaters, so I wouldn’t use one right at the entrance of my home.  However, the fireplace space heater is a perfectly lovely addition to any room and is totally awesome sitting close to the door.


When We Need Our Fireplace Space Heater the Most

During the fall, the outside temperatures vary greatly throughout the day.  In the morning, it is quite a cold shock to open the back door to let our pups out.  However, by noon, the outside temperature is perfectly mild and pleasant.  When night falls, along with the dark, the cold temperatures descend upon us once again with a vengeance that can chill to the bone.  This is the time of the year when I need our fireplace space heater the most!  It adds just the right amount of heat to the immediately affected area and conquers that chill before it can invade the rest of our home.

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The Looks and Size of the Fireplace Electric Heater are Perfect for Our Home

Because of the compact size of my fireplace electric space heater, I can easily fit this pretty little fireplace on the short wall just inside my back door.  The heat itself is actually blown from underneath the unit, but you don’t really realize that is the case when you are close to the unit.  As a matter of fact, I have seen several guest stand in front of the little fireplace space heater with their hands extended to warm them like you would if you were standing in front of a real fireplace or an old cook stove.  However, they are not disappointed because the little electric fireplace heater will quickly warm their entire body without the risk of catching their clothes on fire.


Fireplace Electric Space Heaters are quite attractive and make lovely additions to home decor.  They are also the perfect way to warm the area of any home.


Decorative Fireplace Space HeaterMy Fireplace Electric Space Heater

Our Fireplace Electric Space Heater is lovely year round, but it is especially beautiful during the holidays.  It is also safe to set close to the Christmas tree!  I never have to worry about the sparks flying from my fireplace and catching my Christmas tree on fire.

As you can see in my photo, my Fireplace Electric Space Heater has a realistic flame effect, but there is actually no fire.  It is the perfect way to add the ambiance of a crackling fire without the dangers associated with a real fire.

This little fireplace electric heater stays cool to the touch on the top and all sides which makes it very safe to use even with pets and children in the home.  I could even place a decoration on the top of the fireplace if desired.

On Christmas day, several gifts were placed on top of the fireplace as our guests arrived and were removing their coats.  When we were ready to open gifts, I had absolutely no concerns of the wrapping paper catching on fire as we set around the little fireplace and Christmas tree opening our presents.


Fireplace Electric Heater

My electric heater is several years old.  It would be hard, if not impossible, to find my exact electric heater now. 

If I ever need to replace it, or if I decide I would like one for our bedroom, I would consider the electric heater that looks like a built-in fireplace with a mantel. With so many different styles available, it would be easy to add the warmth and look of a fireplace in any room without having to tear out walls.

This fireplace electric heater measures 43.4″ x 13.6″ D x 39.56″ tall.

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Additional Beautiful Options

While I personally own the Sylvania Stove Style Electric Heater, I have actually seen several other electric heaters that I believe would also be quite lovely in any home.  Since my particular unit is no longer available, I have selected several that are comparable and have excellent reviews.  There are variety of style and colors available.  You can see even more by clicking this Link.

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Electric Space Heater Safety

When buying any space heater, there are safety precautions and guidelines:

  • Purchase only new heaters with a warranty.
  • Plug Electric Heaters directly into the wall outlet.
  • Buy a unit with overheat protection, a thermal cut off device to prevent over-heating
  • Make Sure it is Always cool to the touch on all sides
  • Place Electric Heaters out of the normal walking paths in your home.
  • Consider the size of the space heater and select an appropriate area in your room.