Decorative Knobs for Cabinets & Drawers

 YDO Ceramic Glazed Pumpkin Knobs Classy Vintage Cabinet Door Pull Handle 6pcs
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If you are looking for a quick and easy way to update your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, you might want to consider replacing the cabinet & drawer knobs.  You may not realize how much of a change and upgrade that would be in most homes.

The standard builders pulls are often very plain and sometimes even ugly.  With the twist of a screw, you can virtually redecorate your kitchen or bathroom.  Of course, some builders opt to cut costs and leave cabinets knobs off altogether.  I have shared a video below that shows you how to line up and mark the spot to drill holes for cabinet knobs.

New, beautiful cabinets pulls really do make a huge impact in the overall appearance of the room.


Decorative Cabinet Knobs

Styles change frequently, so choose one you absolutely love and buy a few extra.  We selected ours over 20 years ago now and I still love them.  However, I would never be able to find them in a store again should I wish to add them on free-standing furniture to match.

 Crystal Drawer/Cabinet Knobs/Furniture Pulls With Purple CrystalsCrystal Drawer Knobs/Cabinet Knobs/Furniture Knobs With Purple Crystals Drawer/Cabinet Knobs Ceramic Ball, White With Black PatternDrawer Knobs/Cabinet Knobs Ceramic Ball, White With Black Pattern Polished Chrome Cabinet Knobs by Southern Hills, Square , Pack of 10Polished Chrome Cabinet Knobs by Southern Hills, Square Knobs , Pack of 10


Pretty Cabinet Pulls

In my home, I have a different set of cabinet pulls in my bathroom than I use in my kitchen.  I suspect that will be true for most of us.  Since our builder installed cabinet knobs throughout our home, it was not necessary for me to drill holes.  But, I did need to make sure I selected single hole pulls instead of handles that require two holes.

 Petite Rose Drawer – cabinet knobs, Dark PurplePetite Rose Drawer knobs - cabinet knobs, Dark Purple Ceramic Drawer Cabinet knobs Ball, White with Teal Embossed PatternCeramic Drawer Knobs Cabinet knobs Ball, White with Teal Embossed Pattern Seahorse, Nautical Cabinet Knobs, BrassSeahorse Drawer Knobs, Nautical Cabinet Knobs, Brass

You can avoid the need for all the cabinet knobs to match exactly by buying a complimentary set.  As you can see these pulls are not all alike, but the shape and colors match.  It is often a lot more economical to buy these mixed sets instead of buying dozens of individual knobs that match.

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Drilling Holes to Install Cabinet Knobs

I’ve never had to drill the holes for cabinet pulls.  However, it is necessary if the builder didn’t initially install pulls or if you buy new cabinets.  I found this awesome Youtube video and the guy shows us how to mark the drilling spots on cabinet doors so our door knobs line up with each other.  He uses a hardware template to mark where he will drill the holes.




Cabinet Pulls


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