Toy Chests for Kids

Toy Chests for Children
Toy Boxes for Children

Toy boxes for children are a special place where they keep their treasures.  Their very own place where all of their favorite things belong and can be easily found.  Children need to play, to learn, to dream and create the ideal world for themselves.  Inside the toy chest lies all the fun, games and fantasy needed to encourage a child’s imagination, which is the foundation of learning.

A toy chest also gives a parent an opportunity to teach a child to pick up after themselves and gives parents an opportunity to praise their child for a clean room.

Children will love having a safe place for their toys, treasures and secret dreams.


A Great Wooden Toy Chest for Kids

This nice wooden toy chest doubles as an bench in a child’s room.  With a cushion, it would become a comfortable bench for a child to lay down, nap or read.

This wooden toy chest has a safety hinge on the lid to prevent the lid from slamming down on your child or smashing their fingers.  All of your child’s treasures inside safely await him or her until the next time they chose to take them out and play.

The blue toy chest is shown here, but the Kidkraft Austin Toy Chest is available in a variety of other colors as well.  You can see the other options available by simple clicking here.

 KidKraft Austin Toy Box BlueberryCheck Price

 Levels of Discovery Princess Toy Box BenchCheck Price

Princess Toy Box Bench

This gorgeous and roomy toy chest will make any princess feel special.  With a crown back and heart insert, this toy chest was meant for royalty.  Your princess deserves the best!

This toy box has chair arms, a back pillow rest and a removable seat cushion to provide comfortable seating for your child.  It also has a slow closing metal hinge to help hold the lid so it won’t slam shut on your child’s head or fingers.

The bench style hides the fact that this is actually a toy chest too.  This is a great piece of furniture that serves a dual purpose in a child’s bedroom, game room or play area.



Popular Toy Box and Organizers for Children

The Disney Fairy Multi-Bin Toy Organizer is perfect for your little princess!  It will have your little darling smiling, playing, and using her big imagination to see the fairies flying around in her room.  This toy organizer has fabric bins which are easy for a child to use to separate her toys into groups and still have them stored safely away.

The Disney Cars Book and Toy Organizer is perfect for your little man.  This toy book and toy organizer has less fabric bins, but has a really nice tiered display for books.

There are several Disney designs available on either of these toy chest styles.

 Disney – Cars Book and Toy OrganizerCheck Price Disney Frozen II 6 Bin Design and Store Toy OrganizerCheck Price



Best Toy Chest for Older Children

This toy chest is a deluxe style that might be more appropriate for an older child that is not quite yet a teen.  It comes in 2 wonderful colors so nearly any child can find the right color for their room.

This particular toy chest is one that could easily be converted to a blanket chest or dorm room chest when you child is too old for a “toy” chest.  It would certainly work nicely as a seat at the foot of their bed or as a window seat.

 Martha Stewart Living and Learning Kids’ Storage Bench Gray: Wooden Toy and Book Organizer with Shelves, Built-in Cushion and Fabric Bins for Playroom and BedroomCheck Price



Decorative Kids Toy Chest

A child likes to feel important just as we all do.  Having a specially designed toy chest not only adds beauty to the room, but makes a child feel important enough to have beautiful furniture pieces.

Either of this designs are quite lovely and colorful.  The hand-painted murals on each toy chest make them an extra special addition to any child’s room.

 Fantasy Fields Magic Garden Kids Toy Box with Bench SeatCheck Price Fantasy Fields – Magic Garden Toy ChestCheck Price


Great Toy Chests for Girls and Boys

Giving your child a toy chest is a way of letting them know that their toys are special and should be taken care of and out away after play.  These toy chests are created for “little tikes” at just the right height and with great care for safety.  They are also very easy to wipe clean.

The lid does close down over the toys to hide them from sight so the room will be neat and tidy at bedtime.

 Little Tikes Play ‘N Store Toy ChestCheck Price