Crystal Candelabras & Candle Holders

Crystal Candelabras and candle holders
Let There Be Light And More Light

Crystal is an amazing form of art and design.  With each cut it has the ability to reflect light and make a dramatic impact in my room.  Even without a candle or bulb on, the crystal candelabra will sparkle and glitter when the slightest bit of light comes into a room.  I love the ambiance especially at sunrise when light is waking up and beginning to move around the room.  When I walk into a room the sense that there has been a subtle change, because the sources of light have shifted moment by moment, I can feel the peace and serenity.

Romantic light is one of the ways I design a room.  We might not think about it all the time, but, while decorating I like to sit in a room and imagine how natural light and decor light mix and mingle or how they might enhance each other to create a welcoming and restful place to put up my feet at the end of the day and enjoy a cup of tea and my favorite book.


Crystal Candelabra Placement & Design

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One of the first things I do when planning how to place crystal in my room is to look at each of the sourced of natural or inside lighting which is already in place.

Windows and light fixtures that are installed on the ceiling or wall aren’t going to move over time, yet, I can make adjustments to how they will play in the room by adding window treatments or changing the wattage of the bulb in a light fixture.

I might even consider changing the color of a bulb for a holiday or special event.   To create the preferred ambiance in a room, I would change the light bulb from bright to soft.  Or add a light fixture crystal cover that is clear, crackled, or iced.

A centerpiece candle holder can be used on a mantle, table, or on top of a bookshelf.  The smaller crystal candelabra can be used on the counter in the bathroom to add a touch of elegance.   Or, use several of them in the center of a table in a straight or waving line.

Crystal Candle Holder Pairs

I own a collection of crystal candle holder pairs.  The collection was not exactly intentional.  I simply love crystal and when I see a unique set, I buy them.  I have also been gifted several crystal candle holders over the years. All of my friends and family know how much I love them, so they know they will be a cherished gift.  While it is not really unusual to see crystal candle holders in the dining room, I have them throughout my home.   If there is a table top in my house, you will most likely see crystal candle holders displayed on it.

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Placement Color and Floral Accents

Small Elegant Crystal Lotus Candle Holder Paired With A Hurricane

 Shannon by Godinger Lotus Crystal Votive Pair Candle Holders, Set of 2Check PriceWhen I think of small candle holders, I like to find ways to make a glittering display to draw the eye in.  One of the places I have created a crystal candle holder display is in my dining room on top of the serving table.  I have two different styles of crystal in a waving line with the front wave accented by a small floral arrangement (against the wall).  One either side I have the hurricane candle holder.

TIP:  You can change the feel of this arrangement by changing the color of the candles.  I usually use the same color for the lotus and hurricane holders.  But, I change them all at different times of the year.

There are seven of these short lotus candle holders with three small floral accent vases with cut flowers from the garden.

Start in the center… One lotus near the wall about six-eight inches away.  Then, on either side of that center one, put two more with a floral vase behind it.  Keep moving out toward the ends until all seven candle holders and all three floral vases are set in place.


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Next put one hurricane candle holder on the left and right sides of the serving table.  This is your anchor lighting.

You can see how dramatic the combination of lotus and hurricane will add elegant and smart design lighting to the room even when the candles aren’t lit yet.



Multi Light Candelabras

Candelabras have such versatility!

I have two candelabras that sit on my dining room table all day, every day.  Sometimes we light the candles, but most of the time they are there as decoration.

This is my favorite candelabra because it has the best lighting effect versatility and it is going to become an heirloom which will be passed down and cherished.

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Each time family and friends gather around the table this will be the centerpiece they remember.  It is a symbol of the light we shine collectively and individually.

I will put a wreath style embellishment at the base to reflect the season or celebration.  I choose the color candles to work with the theme as well.

You may prefer one of these styles.  They are all quite beautiful.  It is simply a matter of choosing your own favorite in style and design.

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Candles For Candelabras & Candle Holders

I tend to prefer taper candles myself.  Taper simply means that their size is tapered.  They are wider at the bottom and gradually taper toward the top.  When I can find non-drip candles, I feel I have really made a great purchase.

Taper candles come in a large selection of sizes and colors.  When you are decorating for a season, a gathering, or just everyday lighting, you can choose from different colors, styles, sizes, and even scented to add to the effect.

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Gorgeous Crystal Candelabras & Candle Holders