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 I have been working online for nearly 15 years.  My first computer work-space consisted of a desktop computer with a tower situated on a desk with storage space underneath for the tower, a drawer for the keyboard and a hutch for my office supplies.  Needless to say, I used to get bone weary sitting behind that desk for hours each day.

Several years ago now, my husband gave me a portable laptop table, which turned out to truly be one of the best gifts I have ever received.  Now I can sit on the couch in our den with the tv playing in the background and simply pull the laptop desk right up to me to work.  Or, I can roll it into the kitchen and continue working when I am cooking, or simply prefer the closer proximity to the coffee pot.

I have even been known to take my portable laptop desk outside so I could enjoy the sunshine and fresh air of a beautiful day while I work.

I truly love not being confined to one area, one room or even indoors while I work online.


Cherry Portable Laptop Table

 DOEWORKS Laptop Table Height Adjustable Bedside Laptop Desk,Moveable Notebook Stand, Overbed Laptop Stand,CherryCheck PriceMy portable laptop table is at least 9 years old and has held up quite well.  I still use it all day, every day.

I has locking wheels so I can easily lock the wheels to make my desk more stationary while I actually work.

The desk top is split into two sections, as you see in the photo.  Either side will adjust to a different height or tilt to make it even more comfortable to use.  You can have the heights and tilts level with one another or set at different heights and angles from one another.  I adjust my desk height according to the chair or couch height to make it extremely comfortable to use just about anywhere.

Because of the off center pedestal, I can even stretch out on my couch and pull the desk in front of me with the wheels going under and beside the couch.  This is a really nice way to relax and play my computer games after I have finished my work for the day.  That is not obvious looking at the photo, but imagine turning the computer that is shown around.  Then, you can easily see how the longer leg will roll under the couch while the desk section fits easily over my outstretched legs.


Other Portable Laptop Computer Tables

I happen to really love my own portable laptop table, but I do recognize your needs may well be different.  Portable laptop stands are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, with differing features.

Here are a few additional Laptop Computer Tables you may want to consider before you make your purchase.  After all, you do want a laptop desk that fits your personal needs the best.

 Tilting Overbed Table with Wheels Rolling Laptop Table Overbed Desk Rolling Laptop Stand Over Bed Desk Rolling Laptop Desk with Wheels (WhiteMaple)Check Price Seville Classics Mobile Laptop Computer Table Desk CartCheck Price Flash Furniture Height Adjustable Mobile Laptop Computer Table Desk with Black TopCheck Price Techni Mobili Mobile Laptop MDF Cart with Storage, Woodgrain, 22-Inch W by 16-Inch D by 44-Inch HCheck Price



You can see even more Laptop tables by simply clicking Here!


Portable Laptop tables



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  1. As I sit here confined to my large computer desk while I work on my desk top computer, I can tell I’m eventually going to have to break down and get me a laptop. My brother has been pushing me for ages to get one, even telling me just this week how inexpensive his most recent laptop purchase was. I’ve been resisting, but your description of this portable laptop computer table is a big selling point. There have been so many times, like recently while watching World Series baseball, when I wished I could look something up on the computer, but didn’t want to leave the room with the TV to go into the ‘computer room’. I LOVE the idea of swiveling the table over your lap while you stretch out comfortably on the couch! 🙂 I WILL be back to this page. Definitely bookmarking for future reference!

  2. Nancy Hardin says:

    Judy bought a lap top table two weeks ago, wish we’d known then, about this one. I think it’s a better buy and much more functional than the one she bought. But you can’t have it all, I guess.

  3. Rose says:

    I think that these laptop tables are very helpful, because they are so ergonomically correct.

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