Bird Teapots

Bird TeapotsTeapots featuring Birds

Bird Teapots come in a variety of styles and colors, each unique and stylish.  Choose from the most beautiful selections for your home and kitchen.  Whether you are having tea for one, or the ladies over for fun, these are the perfect teapots featuring our feathered friends.

Bright and vibrant colors for different times of the year, these guys are singing a tune of their own.  What fun it will be to serve tea from one of these adorable designs.  They are sure to lift your spirit and put a melody in your own heart.


Franz Porcelain Bird Teapots

The beauty and originality of Franz Porcelain is captivating!  The bird teapots from the Franz Porcelain collection are among my personal favorites.

This Franz Porcelain Luminescence Peacock Teapot is truly magnificent in beauty and design.  Like all Franz Porcelain, the peacock is hand painted.  It would truly be a gorgeous showpiece in any home!

 Franz Porcelain Luminescence Magnificent Peacock Design Sculptured Porcelain TeapotCheck Price
The Franz Porcelain Peacock Teapot

I personally own this gorgeous Franz Porcelain Peacock Teapot.  My son gave it to me as a gift a few years ago.  It is one of my most precious treasures, partly because it was a gift from my son, but also because it is simply stunningly gorgeous.

I keep my Franz Peacock Teapot on display in our home year round.  It always makes me smile to see it’s unique design and beauty.  Since this teapot is blue and green, it goes nicely with the decor in just about every room in our home, but I especially like to display it on the wall table in our den.


 Franz Porcelain Phoenix in Flight bird teapot Franz Fine PorcelainCheck Price
Franz Phoenician Flight Bird Teapot

The Phoenician Flight Bird is another great beauty from the Franz Porcelain Teapot collection.  This fiery Phoenix teapot is truly fascinating and magical.

Franz porcelains capture cultural, artistic, and fashion elements.  The Phoenicians were an ancient civilization in which the modern day alphabet derived.

This is a beautiful bird teapot for anyone who loves a touch of mystic and symbolism in their porcelain bird teapots.


 Franz Porcelain Joyful Magpie TeapotCheck Price
Franz Porcelain Magpie Teapot

Franz porcelain is so very beautiful, I simply had to include this beautiful Magpie teapot.

The combination of colors on this teapot are stunning and who wouldn’t love that delightful magpie perched in the center of the teapot.

This is truly a fine collectible piece!

Should you choose either of the Franz porcelain teapots, I highly recommend gentle care and hand washing.


A Close Up Look at More Bird Teapots

While I love the beauty and designs of Franz Porcelain, there are certainly other designers who include the charm and beauty of birds in their teapot collections.


 Bird-Tea FallCheck Price
A Fabulous Fall Bird Teapot

This pretty teapot was designed by one of my personal favorite contemporary artist.

I was first introduced to Dean Griff a few decades ago when I started collecting Charming Tails Mice.  His attention to detail is truly remarkable.  I have yet to see one of his designs that I didn’t fall in love with immediately.

This is the autumn / fall bird teapot of the Dean Griff Four Seasons “Bird-Teas”.

An absolute must for the teapot enthusiast.


A Gorgeous Holiday Bird Teapot

A true holiday beauty featuring a pretty red cardinal.  This cardinal teapot would make a stunning holiday teapot for your table, a fabulous addition to a teapot collection or simply a beautiful gift for anyone who loves birds and tea.

This is a 24 oz. teapot and the sugar & creamer set that match are also available for purchase by clicking the teapot link below.

 Fine Ceramic Hand Painted Cardinal and Evergreen Pine Cone Design with Red Ribbon Handle Teapot, 8-1/8Check Price


Teapot with a Bird Accent!

 Alessi Michael Graves Kettle with Bird Whistle, Blue HandleCheck Price
If you prefer a teapot that can actually sit on a burner and heat water, but still has a bird accent, this is the teapot I recommend for you.

Oh, and yes, the little bird whistles!

Tea Kettle Blue Handle Red Bird – Alessi Michael Graves Kettle Blue Handle Red Bird

Michael Graves is known to spend more than half of his time on design alone, this is the most technologically advanced red bird tea kettle for anyone who is serious about tea.