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The Perfect Way to Hold a Memory in a Frame

Collage Photo Frames are Beautiful Home DecorA house does not seem like a home until it is filled with family photos.  A collage of family photos is the perfect memento of a family vacation.  You can certainly hang or set a grouping of photos together, but I love the collage photo frames that group relevant photos together to create one large frame.  As a unit, a collage frame is much easier to hang or move when desired.  Not only do I have wall collage photo frames throughout my home, I have several collage photo frames that are sitting on my counters and tables.  It is so much easier to lift just one frame when dusting, but to still be allowed to have a multitude of photos displayed at all times.

Collage frames are actually pretty popular and they are available in a variety of styles.  From white or white wooden frames, to ornate metal decorative collage frames, there is something to suit any decorator taste.

 Malden International Designs Berkshire Beveled Wall Collage Picture Frame, 6 Option, 3-4×6 & 2-3×5 & 1-3×3, WhiteCheck Price Malden International Designs Home Profiles Puzzle Collage Picture Frame, 9 Option, 9-4×6, BlackCheck Price Adeco PF0600 5-Opening Metal Photo Picture Collage Frame, Antique Vintage Style, Classy Home Decor Accents, Black with Antique FinishCheck Price


Unique Collage Frames

I would consider the frames above to be more traditional styles.  All collage frames by nature will have a bit of an ecliptic feel, so they will all be different, but I personally prefer something I am not likely to see in another home.

I absolutely love the idea of framing a doorway with photos!  The collage “tree” in the center below would be very unique and quite a lovely way to decorate while displaying family photos.

The easel is another unique idea.  It would make the perfect “blind” for an area you may wish to distract away from.  For instance, I have shelves of inventory that are not very pretty.  The easel, or 3 easels side by side, would make a great blind cover for those shelves, but I would still be able to access the inventory easily by simply moving an easel.

Plus, there is a collage frame that will hold 21 photos.  This is for an area where you may not have a whole wall for displays, but you still want to hang family photos.

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Desktop or Table Collage Frames

 Malden Concept Black Wood 4 Opening Collage Frame, 2-3 by 5-Inch and 2-4 by 6-InchCheck Price

Not all of my collage frames are hanging on the wall.  I have several desktop collage frames.  They are perfect for mantels, the top of console and sofa tables, buffet cabinets, desk tops.

My personal desktop collage frames are used for specific events like weddings or birthday parties, but they would be appropriate for any collections of photos that are dear to your heart.

The collage frame on the right is an example of a desk top collage frame.  You can’t see it in the photo, but it does have the pedestal arm attached to hold the frame up when displaying on a table top.

I have this style of collage photo frame throughout our home.  You can virtually see our children growing up through the photos in our home.



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Hanging Collage Pockets

When you live in a small apartment, you don’t have extra wall space. Therefore, you need a collage “frame” that will will adapt to your actual need.

This collage frame is very inexpensive and would be the perfect way to display photos in an apartment or dorm room.

It has 40 pockets for photos, but since it is reversible, it will actually hold 80 photos.  When you want a bit of a change, simply turn the photo holder display to the other side.


Family Collage Frame

This family picture frame is truly beautiful collage frame for decor in your own home, or to fill with photos and give a gift.  These frames hold more than just photos, they hold memories.  Families change.  Houses change.  But, long after children are grown, these collage frames provide warm reminders of days past as well as the hopes for the future.

 Adeco PF0432 Black Wood Family Wall Hanging Collage Photo Frame, 8 Openings, 4 by 6 InchCheck Price


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Decorative Collage Photo Frames

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