Romero Britto Teapots

 Hand Painted Romero Britto Teapots

Romero Britto teapots are top of line when it comes to style and art.  Not only are they serviceable at tea parties, they are rather unique and fun.  They also make great decorations for the kitchen and are sure to be conversation pieces among guests.

They are beautiful pieces of art by Romero Britto with the artists signature printed on each one.  These collectibles are the most lovely teapots for use and decor.  You can easily dress up a windowsill or patio area with them. There are so many cute designs to choose from and they all would look adorable in any room when used for decoration.

With a range of designs from hearts or apples, from butterflies to cute animals, there is sure to be one for everyone!


 Romero Britto Bone China Coffee & Tea Pot, 28.7 oz, New Day, Heart Artwork DesignCheck PriceRomero Britto Coffee & Teapot with Hearts

The Romero Britto Teapot with Hearts is a lovely addition to any kitchen or dining room.

Serve your tea in this beautiful teapot that is sure to be a conversation piece with the ladies and friends.  Imagine that, a teapot being an ice breaker!

This is a 28 oz teapot that measure 5.5″ x 8.75″ x 5″.

This is not a teapot that should be set directly on the stove.  I recommend boiling your water in a teakettle and pouring the heated water directly into this decorative teapot over the teabags.


 Romero Britto Apple Tea for OneCheck PriceRomero Britto Apple Tea Set for One

Adorable and colorful Romero Britto Apple stackable teapot is a fun collectible and makes a great gift.

Serves up tea for one in this exquisite teapot that looks great in the kitchen or anywhere in the home.

The teapot holds 18 oz. and the cup is a standard 10 oz cup.  When the teapot is stacked on top of the cup, they complete the shape of the apple.

This would definitely be a unique design for those who love apples.  I can’t help but think what an awesome gift this would be for a teacher.  A totally different take on the apple for the teacher.



 Romero Britto Mini Flower TeapotCheck PriceRomero Britto Flower Teapot

What a unique and colorful flower!

Not only is this flower teapot a truly beautiful accent piece or collectible teapot, but it is also usable.

The featured picture is a bit deceptive.  This is a small ceramic teapot which holds 7 oz. and measures 6.3″ x 3″ x 3.5″.  Like all Romero Britto designs, this teapot would certainly be a conversation piece.  The shape of the bottom of the flower will hold the teapot off of your table and serve as a built-in trivet to protect your table from the heat of the tea.

Classically Britto!   It is sure to “grow” in your heart and become one of your favorite treasures.


Romero Britto Best Friends Teapot

All the friends come together for the tea party! The butterfly, cat, dogs, and teddy bear encircle the teapot and are all adorably cute.

Clearly a “must have” teapot for the animal lover who also collects teapots. Plus, the teapot would make a very pretty piece of home decor when you are not serving tea.

Who wouldn’t want to “adopt” them all and bring them home!

 Britto Romero Bone China Coffee & Tea Pot, 28.7 oz, Best FriendsCheck Price The Other SideCheck Price


More Romero Britto Teapots

Romero Britto teapots and designs are not only known for having very unique artwork, but also for the varied shapes of teapots.

The dog and cat teapots above are examples of those neat shapes, but take a look at these interesting teapots.

There is actually a square teapot!  All three of these designs are extremely popular.

 Britto Romero Bone China Coffee & Tea Pot, 28.7 oz, Nature in HarmonyCheck Price Romero Britto Dolomite A New Day TeapotCheck Price Romero Britto Ceramic Fish Tea For One TeapotCheck Price

How to Care for Your Romero Britto Teapot

Most of the teapots claim that they are dishwasher and microwave safe.  I won’t dispute that they are safe for those appliances, but I will state that if you wish to maintain the artwork and beauty of these awesome teapots, I highly recommend that you not put them in the dishwasher or the microwave.  Either appliance can cause the “webbing” effect we see on antique dinnerware.

To properly care for your teapot, hand wash the teapot.  Also, never place it on a stove top.  Add the boiling water, tea bags, or prepared tea to the teapot.  Again, I do not recommend microwaving your Romero Britto teapot.

Properly caring for any piece of dinnerware or collectible will ensure decades of use and beauty.  There is no reason why these lovely teapots should not become treasured heirlooms in your home that have hours of memories of fun tea parties, conversations and one on one intimate moments shared associated with them for all of your loved ones.


Romero Britto Elephant Mini Tea for One

 Romero Britto Ceramic Elephant Tea For One TeapotCheck Price

I simply could not leave with showing you this wonderful elephant mini tea for one set with is it’s patchwork art design.

Many of the Romero Britto designs resemble a patchwork quilt and that very much appeals to the seamstress in me personally.

I also happen to love elephants!

This mini teapot only holds 12 oz. of tea. He is so adorable and an absolute must for my own collection of Romero Britto teapots.

Since I love him so much, I knew you would want to see him too!