Outdoor Bench Gliders

Glider Bench SeatsWe all love the beauty of an outdoor bench, especially when it is nestled among trees.  The only thing better than a bench is a glider. 

It is so wonderful to sit down to relax, gently glide back and forth while watching the birds and feeling the breeze.  When we take a break from our daily work, it is fabulous to have that special spot to relax a bit.  At the end of a day, a glider is perfect for two to sit and watch the sunset.

The gentle sway of a glider is always relaxing!   I have even taken my laptop outside to sit in my glider while working online.   It is always such a welcoming retreat for the hectic world.


Wrought Iron Bench Gliders

 GRID Outdoor Wrought Iron 2 Seat Loveseat GliderCheck Price

If wrought iron outdoor furniture is more your style, there are gliders available for you too.  We have a wrought iron glider that is at least 15 years old.  My husband and I both love it.  We enjoy sitting outside reading and drinking coffee together.  The gentle glide is perfectly soothing for the two of us.  We each frequently sit alone on the glider, therefore I know it is not necessary to have an even distribution of weight on either side for the seat to glide.

Since we don’t have a covered patio, we opted for the wrought iron believing it would be more weather resistant.  Our area has extreme weather.  In the summer, it could easily be over 100 degrees and in the winter we have snow, ice and below zero temps at times. 

The wrought iron is almost as good as new even now.  The only age sign is slight discoloration, but it still glides perfectly.


Outdoor Wood Gliders

For those of us who love the beauty of a wood bench, there are wooden bench gliders available. Instead of having a stationary bench on your porch or patio, a wood glider offers the same beautiful appearance, but with the extra benefit of being a glider. These benches are made to easily accommodate 2 people. Perfect for sitting and gliding together.

 5′ Natural Cedar Porch Glider, Amish CraftedCheck Price POLYWOOD TGG48WH Traditional Garden 48Check Price


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