Outdoor Table with Folding Chairs

As soon as the spring weather and warmer temperatures hit each year, we are all ready to escape the house and sit outside.  At dinnertime, we really don’t want to go back inside.  Therefore, everyone needs an outdoor dining table with folding chairs.

No only will an outdoor table allow you to eat outside without balancing your plate on your lap, but it will allow you to set up you laptop and work too.  Many of my fellow writers prefer working at an outdoor table.  The fresh air just seems to invigorate us all.  I like to jokingly say that the light breeze blows the mental cobwebs away.

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Glass Top Outdoor Table with Folding Chairs

The tempered glass top on this table allows you to have a smooth tabletop surface for dining or for working.  It is extremely easy to wipe clean with Windex wipes or a soapy dishcloth.   The table also has a pre-cut hole in the center for an umbrella, which is also included in the set.

The set comes with 4 folding chairs which are fabulous for those of us who experience high winds with storms.  The table can easily stay outside, but the chairs can be folded and brought indoors to avoid storm damage.

This particular set is available in several different colors.

 NEW Albany Lane 6-Piece Folding Dining Set, Multiple Colors (Red)Check Price


Umbrella Included with Outdoor Table and Folding Chairs

As previously stated, the set does comes with a nice umbrella.  However, it does not come with an umbrella base which you may find that you need for more stability.  Because the umbrella pole does go through the table top and through the center table frame, a base is not necessary.


Patio Table and Folding Chairs Sets