Concealment Compartment Clock for Hiding Valuables

Concealed Compartment ClocksConcealment compartments have been necessary for centuries.  The hidden compartment clock is a fabulous current day option. Since they use small batteries, there is plenty of room behind the face of the clock to hide valuables.  The wood section surrounding the face of the clock is hinged to allow easy access to those who know it will open.  Otherwise, a magnetic clip holds it closed.

If you visit an upscale antique store, you will find some antique tables and desks have hidden drawers or compartments.  In western movies we see that wagons often had concealed areas for valuables.  Women even had concealment pockets sewn into their undergarments.  It has always been necessary to hide money and valuables from searching eyes.  Having our jewelry, cash, extra car keys, etc. stored out of sight, yet easily accessible, is extremely important for everyone.  Sadly, if you leave cash or valuables laying around, they could prove to be too great of a temptation for others.  It is best to take reasonable precautions and protect our treasures.

It is all too common of a story to hear of cash or jewelry disappearing from kitchen or bathrooms counters, or even bedroom nightstands.  These areas are convenient to us, but are also visible to anyone who enters your home for any reason.  By simply using the easily accessed hidden compartment, we can save ourselves a great deal of anguish over stolen property or money.


Concealment Compartment Clocks for the Kitchen

 10 Inch Wall Clock with Hidden Safe, Vintage Silent Non Ticking Battery Operated Wall ClockCheck PriceThere are a few options available in concealment clocks.  The room that is most convenient and easy for your needs, will determine the style you prefer.  Of course, you may wish to have a clock with hidden storage in every room of your home.

We most often think of needing a place for our jewelry when we are working in the kitchen.  Plus, the kitchen is likely to be the room you enter first when coming home.  Thus, the reason the kitchen counter becomes the most common place to toss wallets, keys, cash, jewelry, etc.  Having a clock in the kitchen is also normal decor for most homes.  Therefore, the kitchen is the perfect place for a concealed compartment clock.

Guests would assume the clock for there simply for telling time, unless you opt to reveal the hidden area by opening it in front of them.

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Desk Concealed Compartment Clock

My personal favorite is my desk clock.  I call it a “desk” clock simply because it sits on my desk, but it could easily be place on a kitchen shelf, mantel, bedroom nightstand, or truly any table or buffet in the home.  This clock doesn’t have internal shelves, like those featured above.  Therefore, it can hold a thin wallet, cash, jewelry, passport and more.

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Mantel Clock With Concealed Storage

The mantel clock is also a beautiful home decor piece.  Because it looks like an old-fashioned version, no one that didn’t know it, would guess that the front is hinged to open.  This clock is promoted as a gun safe, but is also perfect for cash, passports, a wallet, jewelry, etc. instead of the gun.

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