Wall Hanging Tapestries

Wall TapestryWall hanging tapestries are a unique way to add a piece of fine art to your home without paying an exorbitant price.   Since they are not framed, they are perfect for entries or narrow hallways.  They can also be used to cover large walls are a just too big for a small picture.

We have a two-story wall in the entry of our home.  I hung a large tapestry that is perfect for that tall wall.  It is 76″ tall and would be too big for any other room in our home  But, it is ideal for the entry.  Since it doesn’t stand out from the wall, it will not impede any movement, including moving furniture.  The tapestry adds a beautiful texture and fabulous art in what would otherwise be a boring wall.

The image on the right features a tapestry hung in an entry.  My entry is not as vast, but it is a very tall wall.  My tapestry is a few inches bigger than the one demonstrated on the right, but it shows how beautiful a wall art tapestry is in an entry.

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Places that are Perfect for Wall Tapestries

 Terrazzo I Wall TapestryCheck PriceI also have a smaller wall tapestry in our bathroom.  Since is it fabric, I don’t have to worry about the moisture created by the shower damaging a work of art.  Year after year, it has remained gorgeous and unharmed.

I also placed one in our washroom over the ugly wall utility box.  It is easy to take down and sit aside when we need access to the circuit box.  It makes the perfect cover for something unsightly that would otherwise be hard to cover.  Since I love the image, it is a beautiful piece to contemplate while folding laundry.

  • Narrow Entries
  • Tall or Long Walls
  • Wash Room Walls
  • Bathroom Walls
  • Cover Indoor Fuse Box or Wall Safe
  • Cover Wall in Dorm or Apartment with Paint Restrictions
  • Any Place You Want a Picture that Could Easily Get Knocked Off the Wall

The first time I ever saw a tapestry used as wall art was on a visit to my future father-in-law’s home.  They had a lovely Tuscany Courtyard tapestry next to their bistro kitchen table.  It was the perfect complimentary art, as well as allowing easy access to the table without knocking anything off the wall.  It also provided an outdoor scene since there was no window in the dining area of their kitchen.


How to Hang a Wall Tapestry

All of my wall tapestries have either curtain tabs or a rod pocket for easy hanging.  Therefore, simply buy a “close to the wall” tapestry rod and hang the tapestry just like you would a curtain.  Some tapestries come with a rod, others do not.  Be sure to read the actual listing description to find if you must buy a rod separately.

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Wall Hanging Tapestries