Franz Porcelain Lidded Boxes

Franz Porcelain Lidded BoxesBeautiful Porcelain Covered Boxes by Franz

A Franz Porcelain Box is perfect to keep your most precious treasures, jewelry, trinkets, or mementos.  The boxes are delicate and decorative as are all of the Franz Porcelain Collection.  They can be set alone anywhere or grouped with other décor.

A Franz Porcelain Box can be used as a Gift Box.  When you buy a gift you want to present in a remarkable way this is an idea.  Use the box as a gift box.  When the gift is opened the box is so fabulous.  Then when the box is opened there is another even more remarkable gift.  This would be perfect to present an anniversary ring, engagement ring, or any precious gift you would like to give.



Franz Island Beauty Covered Box

 Franz Porcelain Island Beauty hibiscus flower Decorative Covered BoxSorry – Item Currently Not Available

Floral Theme Hibiscus

The Franz Island Beauty Covered Box features a gorgeous Hibiscus flower and is bright and cheerful.  This lidded box would be a great accent piece for any room of the house and any décor.  It can be a coordinated color or a sparkle of accent with any other color theme.

Imagine a room in monotone with this one bright red box shining out and grabbing your attention as soon as you walk into the room.

As you can see this will fit into bold as well as subtle design styles.  I would also make a great gift for anyone who love flowers or collects lidded boxes.


Franz Porcelain Safari Zebra Cover Box

 Franz Safari Zebra Covered BoxCheck Pric

Animal Theme Safari Zebra Print

This is a very unique style with the black & white zebra stripe.  It would be awesome in an animal themed room or to add a touch of “animal” to any room.  It also has the lovely flowers to give it an even more exotic appeal.

Fill this box with something fun and amazing!  It would even be the perfect size for a special piece of jewelry or used as a chocolate morsel tray.

This lidded box will, of course, coordinate with the other Franz Porcelain collection items in the Animal and Safari themes.


Franz Porcelain Peacock Splendor Covered Box

 Franz Porcelain Peacock Splendor Covered BoxCheck Price

Winged Theme Peacock

This covered box truly has the “wow” factor!  Anyone would be drawn to this beauty simply by the unique design and fabulous details.  Not to mention the sheer popularity of peacocks.

Franz has captured the beauty of the peacock feather and innate grace with this stunning box.  With sculptural details which are elegant as well as whimsical in a perfect balance.  Even non-collectors are going to love this box.

The colors are earthy and neutral enough for any décor, yet will especially fit into Art Deco, Vintage, or Victorian design styles.



Franz Floral Blossom Magnolia

 Franz Floral Blossom Magnolia Flower Porcelain Lidded BoxCheck Price

Floral Garden Theme Butterfly Blossom

Flowers and Butterflies!  You can easily see how this would be a great choice for a gift for anyone who loves the outdoors or the sitting on the porch looking out at the flower garden.

A garden butterfly theme with a focus on the colorful butterfly.  And, what a gorgeous magnolia flower!  Magnolias are often a favorite because they are aromatic and boldly delicate.  You might consider putting a magnolia scented tea candle close by.  A flame-less Candle Tea Light would be safer inside the actual box and it not ever damage your collectible porcelain treasure.



Franz Porcelain Lidded Boxes