Decorative Wall Clocks

Sometimes the practical is also beautiful!

Beautiful wall clocksYou might not ever have considered wall clocks to be part of home decor. You may think they simply hang around to tell us the time of day at a quick glance. To be honest, that was how I felt about wall clocks until recently. I have discovered there are some really beautiful wall clocks that add beauty to our homes, as well as serving their intended practical purpose.

In addition to having a limiting opinion of the looks of a wall clock, I have also previously considered them to be a kitchen decor exclusively. However, there are some decorative wall clocks that would add beauty and decorative detail to any room in our homes. That is pretty great because sometimes we need to know the time of day even when we are reclining in our den.

Yes, I do realize every cellphone has a clock. I rely on mine heavily to give me the time, day and date rather often. But, if I am taking a nap on the couch in my den, it is awesome to be able to glance at the wall and know the time instantly without having to reach for my phone.

Just remember, you don’t have to settle for plain or boring!

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Pretty Decorative Wall Clocks – Center of Attention

These large wall clocks are gorgeous as the main focus when used instead of a picture behind the couch, on an accent or focal wall, or over a large buffet cabinet.  While walls in entries or hallways are often large enough to display one of these beauties, it isn’t recommended because these clocks have the greatest impact when they are viewed from a distance (like the peacock clock shown below).

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Unique Wall Clocks

Most of us have rooms in our home that are fun rooms.  They aren’t meant to be rooms for receiving or entertaining guests.  They are personal domains that we decorate in ways that reflect our personalities or quirks.  Those are the rooms for fun clocks like a motorcycle clock which would be perfect in a man cave or game room.  For crafters or seamstresses, the sewing room vinyl record clock would make an awesome decorative touch as well as telling us the time.  It is hard to keep up with the time when we are having fun!

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Interesting Wall Clocks

True conversations pieces, as well as clocks!  At first glance, they don’t appear to be clocks, which makes them even more fun decor to hang on our walls.  No doubt, your friends will take a second look at either of these clocks and think how really cool they are.

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Rustic or Retro Wall Clocks

There are many styles to consider when selecting a wall clock for each room.  As I said earlier, we no longer have to settle for plain or boring wall clocks.  Choose a whimsical teapot clock for your kitchen.  Or, perhaps the rustic windmill wall clock better fits your farmhouse country decor.   Retro has been in style for years and it is also an option.

Decorate your home to reflect your own personal tastes and preferences.  Why not make your house a fun place to live.

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