Gargoyle Home DecorGargoyle Collectible Figurines

Are you a collector of figurines?  This page features collectible gargoyle figurines and gargoyle home decor for inside and outside.

Gargoyles are so ugly they are cute and they are supposed to bring good fortune to a home.  They come in many different shapes and sizes, but they are all pretty cool since their original intent was to scare evil spirits from the premises.  Of course, some are so ugly, they might scare me from my own premises!


Winged Cat Gargoyles

 Winged Cat Gargoyle Statue Figurine Myth FantasyCheck Price

This is an example of a really cute gargoyle figurine.

This kitty with wings is so adorable, it is actually rather hard to refer to him as a gargoyle.  But, don’t be fooled!   He is a gargoyle and is ready to defend your home.

This winged cat gargoyle stands roughly 6 inches in height and is made of cold cast resin.   At 8 inches width and 5 inches depth it is ideal for display.

Great addition to any collection, even the kitty figurine collection.  This kitty would be awesome displayed inside or outside on your patio for protection.



Collectible Gargoyle Figurines

 Crazy Gargoyle – Collectible Figurine Statue Sculpture Figure ModelCheck PriceI can’t help but laugh when I see the gargoyles with books.  I hardly think these are the guys that I would want reading me my bedtime stories.

Of course, he might be protecting a prized possession!  It really is quite awesome that we can have our own library of books right in our own homes.  I certainly don’t want my books taken away, so perhaps a book Gargoyle is exactly what I need.

This is a great little gargoyle, if not cute – certainly cool!  This crazy guy measures about 5″ in height and is made of resin.

Fine detail ensures this will be a much loved gift for any occasion.  Gargoyle collectors and book enthusiasts will love the crazy gargoyle figurine.


Gargoyle Bookends

 Gothic Gargoyle Sculptural BookendsCheck Price

Speaking of books, having Gargoyle bookends in our libraries or on our shelves, is just plain fabulous!

Place a Gargoyle on each end of the line up of books to protect your tomes when you are not reading them.

These bookends measure 7″ tall and are made of cast resin and will easily hold your books in place.

These Gargoyle bookends would make a great gift for anyone who has a book collection.  They would be the perfect present for a student and an awesome decoration in a dorm room.   I believe anyone would be delighted with the Gothic style and appeal of this set of bookends.



Other Gargoyle Home Decor Specialty Pieces

I love it when a decorative piece can also serve a practical purpose.

From trinket boxes to candle or wine bottle holders to greeting your guests at the front door, these Gargoyles will make awesome decorator pieces with a purpose.

Which is your favorite?  I find it hard to choose a personal favorite since they are each so different in appearance and function.   Even alone without use, they make great mythical sculptures and Gothic gifts.


 Ebros Squatting Gothic Gargoyle Candle HolderCheck Price PTC 5.5 Inch Roaring Dragon Gargoyle Topped Jewelry/Trinket Box FigurineCheck Price Ebros Gothic Fantasy Winged Drunken Gargoyle Wine Bottle Holder Figurine 11Check Price Disney Haunted Mansion Gargoyle Candelabra Set of TwoCheck Price Figurine Guardian Gargoyle Door Knocker Home Decor Sculpture Metal Ring KnockerCheck Price



Great Gift Ideas

These guys serve a dual purpose!  They protect jewelry or valuables while warding off the evil spirits in a home.  Plus, they would make a great gift for anyone who loves Gothic decor, mythology, or fantasy.

Each of these figurines is 5″ – 7″ tall.  Since they are not very big, they would make the perfect desk companion to keep watch over your important papers, files and computer activities.  They would also be wonderful decorator pieces to set around in just about any room on any table or counter top.

Don’t they look like fierce protectors!

 Castle Guardian Statue Gothic Gargoyle FigurineCheck Price Gargoyle with Shield Statue Cold Cast Resin FigurineCheck Price Poised Protector Winged Gargoyle Statue GuardianCheck Price Winged Lion Gargoyle Statue Cold Cast Resin FigurineCheck Price Winged Lioness Gargoyle Statue Cold Cast Resin FigurineCheck Price


Outdoor Gargoyle

Up to this point, we have mostly been looking at smaller decorative Gargoyles that most of us would place inside our homes.  However, I do want to make sure we take a look at the large outdoor gargoyles that we love to perch on our roof tops or in our doorways to ward off evil and to keep it from ever entering our homes.

There is a Gargoyle available to do just about any outdoor job.  There are several who simply want to look out upon the world with their fierce expressions, or just hang around, while there are others who will “man” the lights, the water or even provide support for you to sit.  Again, gotta love that decor with a purpose!

Whatever the job, whatever the purpose, there is sure to be a Gargoyle who would love to make your house his home.

 Design Toscano CL55662 Abbadon Gargoyle StatueCheck Price Design Toscano QM7512079 Roland the Gargoyle Rain GutterCheck Price Design Toscano NG300010 Florentine Gargoyle Statue Size: LargeCheck Price Design Toscano Blair Castle Sculptural Gargoyle BenchCheck Price Design Toscano CL4187 Raptor Gargoyle Surveyor of The Realm StatueCheck Price Design Toscano CL4387 Dragon’s Castle Lair Electric Wall Sconce Light Fixture, Grey StoneCheck Price



Bring a Gargoyle Home Today

Any or all of these Gargoyles are bound to add fun and mystical fantasy to your life.  Whether you desire a companion gargoyle, a decorative piece, or the face of protection, there is most definitely a Gargoyle waiting for you.  I hope you discovered him here today.  Any of these guys would jump at the chance of coming home with you.


Note:  The Gargoyle Figurine shown in the introduction is shown again and is available for purchase in the section of this article entitled “Great Gift Ideas”