Bunny Teapots

bunny teapotTeapots with Rabbits for Spring Decor

Rabbit teapots are the perfect addition to your kitchen decor for Spring.

With Easter and sunshine there are so many reasons to own one of these beautiful teapots with rabbits and bunnies.  Serving tea in one of these precious rabbit teapots would truly be fun and add a light touch to an afternoon reception or luncheon.

Rabbits are so adorable and a teapot featuring bunnies would make a great gift for Easter.  I would personally love to add another lovely teapot with these furry and friendly critters to my own teapot collection.

Below you will find a selection of beautiful and whimsical rabbit teapots that are sure to fit your unique style and personality.


Lenox Bunny Teapot

This exquisite rabbit teapot is accented in spring flowers.  It would be the perfect gift for anyone with a spring theme in their kitchen or someone who simply loves bunny rabbits.

This teapot would be great for Easter, as well as other holidays.  Bunnies and tulips just always seem to make us think of springtime and Easter.

Enjoy a cup of tea with your rabbit teapots.

 Lenox Decorative Floral Rabbit Teapot 8.25Check Price


White Bunny with Pink Ribbon and Flower Designs Teapot Collectible

This ceramic bunny teapot would make a lovely decoration for Easter and spring.

Decorate the kitchen with flowers and bunnies by simply setting this pretty little teapot out on the kitchen counter or on the dining room table.

This bunny rabbit teapot would make a lovely addition to any teapot collection.

 Cosmos Gifts 10445 Fine Ceramic Springtime Bunny Rabbit with Pink Tulip & Flowers Design Teapot, 7-5/8Check Price


 Additional Bunny Teapots

There are many beautiful bunny teapots available to add to your teapot collection this year for spring and Easter.  Either of these teapots would be awesome!

In either case, if you plan to serve cold tea from your bunny teapot, you simply need to hand wash the teapot before and after use.   I do not recommend putting any of these teapots in the dishwasher.

 Fine Ceramic Bunny Rabbit with Tulips Flower Teapot, 7-1/4Check Price Rabbit Teapot, 16 oz., 7.5 inches highCheck Price Fine Porcelain Victorian Rose Bunny Rabbit Teapot, 6-7/8Check Price


Kutani Bunny Teapot

 I Rabbit Kutani Pottery Teapot Check Price

If you wish to serve hot tea, I would recommend the Kutani rabbit teapot.

It is not made for the stove top, so you would still need to heat your water in a kettle and then pour the hot water over the tea into the teapot.

This pretty teapot comes with a tea strainer and you can steep your tea in this pot for a nice cup of hot tea.

Of course, you could still use this teapot for cold tea as well. It is simply the only featured bunny teapot in the article that I could recommend for hot tea.

Like the ceramic teapots above, I would recommend hand washing your Kutani pottery teapot. Neither pottery, ceramic, nor china really hold up well through dishwashers. Even when the manufacturer or distributor says they are dishwasher safe, they will often crack or spiderweb due to the extremely hot water and pressure of a dishwasher.