Walk Through Door Safety Gates for Toddlers or Dogs

Indoor Walk Through Gates for Toddler and Dog SafetyThese walk though door safety gates may not seem like beautiful home decor, but safety is always a beautiful thing.  Anyone who has a child or a dog knows there are times when the kids or pets need to be restricted from rooms or areas.  We recently had work done in our own home.  It took several days and we had workman coming in and out constantly.  The front door was often left ajar.  For our dogs protection, we needed the walk through door gates to prevent them from entering the entry area of our home.

We placed the door gates in both doorways to our kitchen.  This allowed our pups to have the freedom to move around, eat, and drink water as needed.  They were not confined to the heat of the outdoors, nor were they locked behind a door.  They could still easily see what was happening in the house, but they were safe.  This also kept the dogs from being underfoot of the workers.  Mostly, we didn’t want our dogs to accidentally be let out the front door and possibly hurt or lost.

These door gates really can be life savers!

Not only are they great for doorways, but they are the perfect blockers for stairs.  When our children were little, they were fascinated with the stairs and wanted to play on them.  We all know how dangerous stairs are for children.  We placed a door gate at the bottom of the stairs which prevented them from gaining access to the stairs.  It didn’t matter how much the safety gates cost.  They were worth every penny!  I am certain the prevented accidents and injuries.


Walk Through Safety Gates

There are several styles and colors available.  You will want to select the one that provides the highest level of safety, yet matches your home decor.  Our doorways are painted white, so I use the white safety gates.  However, there are lots of homes that have natural wood finishes or other color choices.  Choose the one you like best for your home.  Each of these safety gates are pressure mounted and could be easily removed without leaving any ugly hardware, or hardware holes that would need to be repaired.

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Walk Through Safety Gates for Toddlers

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As parents, we know there are times when a toddler needs to be restricted to certain rooms or areas for their own safety.  Babies have no idea about the hidden dangers in a home and they run with a zeal to discover new things from the minute they wake up each morning.  They don’t need to discover things like hot pans on the stove top or scissors lying in a craft room.  Therefore, it is the wise parent who plans ahead by preparing to intervene before disaster.  These safety gates can allow you to protect you toddler from his own curious adventure.

One note though, these safety gates should be used to prevent a child from entering an area that could be dangerous.  They are not meant to be babysitters.  Please do not leave your child unsupervised in a room alone expecting the gate to insure their complete safety.


Walk Through Safety Gate for Wider Entrances

Many of us have wide doorways in our homes that may or may not have actual doors.  We need a safety gate with extensions for those openings.  This pressure mounted safety gate comes with 6″, 8″, and 12″ wide extension kits for openings up to 58″ wide.  The gate has a lever style handle with a safety lock for convenient walk through.  That is  easier than having to remove the entire unit or step over it to enter or leave a room.

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Walk Through Safety Gates for Dogs

There are a few more considerations when you are buying a safety gate for a dog.  Dogs are often taller than a toddler so you may prefer the extra tall walk through safety gate.

In our case, our Labrador Retriever weights about 85 pounds and could easily knock down a pressure mounted safety gate.  Therefore, we have opted for a safety gate that has hardware literally mounted to the door casing, but still swings open for easy entrance.  This is also the style I would highly recommend for the top of the stairs whether you are protecting a child or a dog.

For the precious tiny pups, truthfully none of these gates are a good option.   A really small dog could slip though the spacing between the bars.

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