Table Runners for Fall Decor

Fall Table RunnersTable runners are the perfect way to quickly redecorate in the dining room and kitchen.  Simply place one in the center of your table and your whole room seems transformed in seconds.  The beaded table runners are especially pretty in the dining room during the holidays.  The beads pick up the lights and sparkle in the center of your table.  Such a beautiful decoration with hardly any fuss at all.

I personally like to change my dining room table runners each season.  The fall colors offer quite a change from the bright floral patterns of spring and summer.   The deep brown and gold tones blend with almost any other decor.  Therefore, changing the table runner for fall is often the only change needed in the dining room.

I love the versatility of table runners too!  Not only are they beautiful in the center of your dining table, but they are lovely on a buffet table, entry hall table, or sofa table.  Wherever they are used, they make a gorgeous decorative accent that can easily be changed for each occasion or holiday.


Beaded Leaves Table Runner

 Fennco Styles Hand Beaded Leaf Table RunnerCheck Price

Because I love the changing colors of leaves in the fall, my mind automatically goes to leaves for the fall.  This beaded leaf table runner is gorgeous and the perfect way to bring the outside indoors for fall decor.

I do wish to note that most of the beaded table runners recommend dry cleaning.  However, I do not take my table runners to the dry cleaners.  I actually place them in a mesh laundry bag to protect the beading and put them in the dryer with a Woolite dry cleaning sheet.  It works just as well, if not better, than professional dry cleaners, but without the chemicals and awful smells.  Table runners rarely get dirty.  Most often, you are only cleaning them to remove dust.

The Woolite Dry Cleaning Sheets have been reviewed and recommended on Review This!  (


Embroidered Table Runner

 Fall Harvest Pumpkin Table Linens, RunnerCheck Price

Embroidered table runners also add a touch of fall beauty to your home decor without being too heavy.  The threads used in embroidered table runners are most often metallic threads and will also glisten in the light.

This particular table runner also features pumpkins in addition to the fall leaves.  This would be the perfect choice to use throughout the fall, right up to Thanksgiving.

Since it is polyester, it can be machine washed.  However, I would still insert it in a mesh laundry bag to protect the embroidered details.



Lace Fall Table Runner

 Beige Lace Table Runners And Doilies Embroidered Rose Flower 16 By 48 InchCheck Price

Lace is also beautiful!  Even though it has an old world or historic appeal, it is truly never outdated.  Selecting a lace table runner in a fall color is another great way to decorate for the season.

When I really need to protect my dining room table, I use a table pad covered by a solid white or off-white table-cloth.  I add the table runner in the center to add my color and design.  Later, when I have removed the pad and the table cloth, I leave my table runner on the table for decoration.

This particular lace table runner is also machine washable, but I still highly recommend washing it in a mesh laundry bag for protection.


More Fall Table Runners

Perhaps one of the reasons I love using table runners is because they are usually inexpensive ways to decorate a room.  That also allows me to own a variety so I can pick, choose and change them as often as I wish.  As I said earlier, they rarely get dirty in the center of the dining table, therefore they are practically effortless.

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Fall Table Runners

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  1. Table runners are really a quick & easy (and lovely) way to decorate for different seasons. Your Fall selections are beautiful. I like them all.

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