Crystal Vases

Crystal Vases Flowers and Decorative Pieces

crystal vasesI love to use my crystal vases for flowers I cut in my garden or for the flowers that I receive as gifts, but I also delight in finding other ways to display them when flowers aren’t in season.   They certainly make lovely decorative pieces as well.

My vases vary in size so I can create large or small arrangements.  A small vase with one flower bud always sits next to my sink.  A larger vase with several Rose of Sharon buds and blossoms can be found sitting on the dining room table when the bush is blooming.

On the kitchen counter, I fill a large vase with fresh strawberries when they are in season to make a pretty and unique display.  As you enter in the guest bathroom you will find a medium size crystal vase filled with my favorite guest items.

As you have guessed I absolutely love to use my crystal and I am always finding new and functional ways to use it.  I do not like the idea of packing anything away.  It is better and more inspiring to keep everything out and useful.  Not to mention the amazing light shows throughout the day which change from sunrise to sunset, season to season.  I hope you enjoy crystal vases as much as I do.


The Right Size Crystal Vase For Flowers

A large vase is the best choice for a long stem bouquet or when you have several long stem flowers to keep in water.  Put your flowers in a vase with the right height for the length of the stems.

How To Cut The Stems: Remember when you cut flower stems they should be under water (warm tap water is fine) this way as soon as you cut they will absorb moisture and prevent any air bubbles from entering the stem.  Air bubbles in the stem could prevent the flower from receiving needed hydration which means your fresh flowers will not last as long as they would without air bubbles in the stems.

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 Lenox Organics Ruffle Crystal Vase, 12-InchCheck Price
Lenox 12-Inch Tall Vase

This is truly a beautiful vase that would be perfect for long stem flowers, but also as a gorgeous decorator piece.  Even without flowers, this vase is lovely.

This one foot tall vase allows you to display your cut flowers in a simplistic, yet elegant vase design.  Because of the wide ruffle top, flowers will naturally fall into a lovely arrangement without very much effort on your part.

The longest stem flowers will look best in a vase with this type of smooth profile.   This vase allows the flowers to be the main focus without distraction in cut or design on the vase.


Mikasa Blossom 12-Inch Crystal Vase

This Mikasa vase is also a one foot tall crystal vase, but has a wider opening to accommodate a larger flower arrangement. If you plan to use this vase for a floral arrangement, the flowers may need greenery for structure or filler to keep the blooming flowers more stationary.

Choose the vase you love the most and then cut the stems to fit it with a little extra (a couple of inches, up to four inches) to allow for stem trimming every three of four days.

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Cutting Flowers in Advance

If you need to cut flowers for a special occasion and you want to cut them ahead of time, but still have them as fresh as possible, then you are going to want to keep them chilled.

1. Select a cool place or a shelf in your refrigerator.

2. The best spot in a refrigerator will allow the flower to breath (do not cover it).

3. The refrigerator will be free of fruit gases (apples and other fruits let off a gas which will not help keep your flowers fresh).

4. Re-cut the stems every two or three days (under water as described above).


Medium Crystal Vase

If you enjoy a variety of flowers, and not just long stem roses, you may well find that the medium vase height of 8 to 10 inches is your preference.  These vases easily accommodate fresh cut flowers right out of your backyard garden or a mixed bouquet.

Some of the loveliest floral arrangements are a selection of beautiful blooms from various bushes and plants thrown together in a medium sized vase that will accommodate the variety of stem lengths.

The can also be used to rearrange your long stem flowers after you have re-cut them a few times.

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Have a Florist Make an Arrangement in Your Vase


 Mikasa Crystal Florale Crystal Vase, 14-InchCheck Price

One of the best ideas I’ve heard recently was the suggestion to buy the vase you love and then take it to the florist.  They will make your flower arrangement for you with the flowers you choose (or the packages they offer) and it will all be put together for you in the vase you have selected.

Some florists have amazing selections of vases, but, during the busy season it would be easier, and more reliable, to have a vase that you love on hand so you can drop it by the florist when you place your order.

Another idea is to order online and have the vase delivered right to the florist (instead of to your house).  Be sure you have made an appointment ahead of time, have described what you are asking the florist to do, and the florist is expecting your vase to arrive.  You can help the florist to plan ahead by watching the tracking information of your package and keeping the florist updated.



Single Bud Crystal Vase

 Waterford Giftology Lismore Sugar Bud Vase, 6.1Check Price

Some of the best memories in my life have included a single bud vase.  When our children were little, they were always so delighted to pick a flower from our backyard garden and run inside to share the precious bloom.  The single bud vase was so handy, and the perfect accompaniment for a rose bud, a morning glory or even a dandelion.

As I write this article, I can still see the miniature roses our son gave me for Mother’s Day nearly a decade ago.  And, I do mean I can literally see them.  They are completely dried now, but they are still resting in the single crystal bud vase I placed them in the day he brought them to me.

See, I speak from experience.  A single bud crystal vase is big enough to hold your heart.