Crosley Entertainment Center

Crosley Turntable, CD Player, Cassette Player and Radio Combination

Crosley Entertainment Center 3The Crosley Entertainment Center is a very compact unit that plays vinyl records, cassettes, cd’s and it even has a radio with an AM/FM tuner.  Several years ago, my husband gave me a Crosley Entertainment Center for Christmas. Simply stated, I love my Crosley Entertainment Center! I can easily say it is one of my favorite Christmas gifts that I have ever received.

The record player from my youth still works, but it is a huge, heavy unit and truly not very attractive with my current day home decor.   Since the Crosley Entertainment Center is compact, I can easily set it on a shelf in my den and listen to my music anytime.  Plus, it is a pretty decorative piece even when it is turned off.

I love music. It has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember, so yes, this excites me even now!  I can listen to my original Peter, Paul & Mary and Barry Manilow vinyl records or switch to my current day “Within Temptation” or “Breaking Benjamin” cd’s.   For the eras of music between, I can slip in an Elvis cassette. Don’t laugh, but I still have my first cassette that I ever purchased.  It was an Elvis cassette that I purchased in a gas station while traveling.

Yes, giving me a way to listen to all of my favorite music from their originally recorded media, was truly a fabulous Christmas gift!


Crosley CR704C Musician 3 Speed Turntable Audio System

 Crosley CR704C-PA Musician 3-Speed Turntable with CD/Cassette Player and Portable Audio Ready (Paprika)Check Price

This is an upgraded version of my unit. It play speeds 3 Speeds – 33 1/3, 45 And 78 RPM Records. It has an analog AM/FM radio, which I especially love when we listen to Christmas carols.  It also has a programmable cd player, but my favorite part, it plays cassettes!

This particular unit is portable audio ready so you can simply plug in your portable audio device or MP3 player.

Either of these units has an old style appearance and appeal, but all have the modern day audio conveniences.


Crosley CR44CD Turntable Console with CD Player and AM/FM Tuner

I wanted the compact unit that would sit on a shelf in my den. However, a console unit is also available.

This would be a lovely addition and a pretty piece of furniture in any room of your home.

 Crosley CR44CD Turntable Console with CD Player and AM/FM TunerCheck Price



Crosley Director CD Recorder

 Crosley Director CD Recorder – CherryCheck Price

This unit allows you to record your vinyls or cassettes on CD. This would also be an awesome upgrade from the basic unit that I have in my den and would most likely be my personal choice if I were making the selection today.

Many of us would like to record the music from our original records and cassettes to a CD so we would be able to listen to the music in our cars, on our computers, or on other cd players.

While I will most likely never be ready to retire my vinyls completely, I would like to be able to transferred the music from them to cd’s which are simply more portable.



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  1. Susan says:

    Wow, I love the vintage look of the Crosley entertainment centers. What a cool idea. Modern technology all set in a great style. Now, I have to get one for myself – too cool!

  2. Our record player was the center of our life for many years. We once had over 400 vinyl records (some acquired through duplicates at radio stations hubby worked for) and played records every day! I have been wanting to transfer my remaining records to CDs for a long time before something happens to the records themselves, some of which are no longer available. I also have a large number of cassettes — and no longer a cassette player. This Crosley recorder would be perfect, both to play all my favorite music in all forms… and to make copies on CD to guarantee I’d always have them.

  3. dawn rae says:

    Oh wow, I love the looks of these. And I love that it plays vinyl and CDs! Wow. I wish I still had my mom’s record collection.

  4. Barbara says:

    This is one of my fave pieces – two of my sons still use turntables and this has been on the list of gift ideas for them for quite a while – maybe this year is the year!

  5. The Savvy Age says:

    Love these!

  6. Rose says:

    These combination Crosley entertainment-centers would be practical centerpieces in any home.

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